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:iconsahtori-kamaya:Sahtori-Kamaya 3 3
The Negaverse Issue 20 by SkyPirateDash The Negaverse Issue 20 :iconskypiratedash:SkyPirateDash 55 16
Back At It Again
It's been something like 10 years since I last posted a Sonic fanfic. It's been a long dry stretch since then. For a variety of reasons, I felt that I really didn't have anything to say.
But something finally reawakened the desire within me to tell a story. That something was "Zootopia."
It's an amazing technical achievement anchored by the perfect cast: Judy Hopps the rabbit and idealistic new police officer, and Nick Wilde, the worldly-wise fox and street hustler. I believed in them right away and felt within the urge to tell a story of Zootopia myself. So I did.
This isn't a Sonic crossover; I don't see how that would work. But as a Zootopia fanfic, I hope you like it.
Check out "Picture Perfect" at: Perfect.docx
:icondandrazen:DanDrazen 1 9
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Commission Prices

Yep, that's right, I'm taking commissions ^^;

The prices are:

Character Sketches:

2 dollars


Random Sketch-'Not Easy' by HanakoFairhall

'Uhoh'-WIP by HanakoFairhall

Character Lineart is now 3 dollars


Lineart Reference by HanakoFairhall

Lineart Reference 02 by HanakoFairhall

Character Colour Artwork:

10 dollars, Includes up to two characters, a colour card or fade in background or an effects background *like Fire or Rain*.


Colour Card and Fade in Backgrounds:

RQ-HH bedlah 02 by HanakoFairhall (colour card)

AT-Viki for Allentla by HanakoFairhall (Fade in)

Effects Backgrounds:

COM-Solara by HanakoFairhall

COM-Demarticus and Rio by HanakoFairhall

3D Texturing

2.50 Each, Canadian, or 6 dollars for three of them ^^

There’s also another service I want to try:

Don't know how to put an effect in?

Want to achieve an effect that your paint program can't do?

Or maybe you just like the way someone does something better than you can do yourself, and would like it in your picture?

Well, I'm willing to help! And for good prices!

I can put things like magic blasts, glowing eyes, or lightsabre blades into your pictures! I've even added 'organic' elements such as saliva and tears for those who couldn't produce that effect themselves.

So if you want a particular effect or trait in your picture, but don't want to blow your bank with full on commissions, drop me a line, the cost for each effect ranges from $0.25-$0.50 (25 to 50 cents!)

Work done for other Deviants:

STH: Flames of Chaos - Page 5 by Rachidile (spit effect added)

Collab-Madame's Chaos Spear by HanakoFairhall (magic effects and eyeglow effects)

Evil or Anti-Dimi- Collab by Madame-Finitevus1890 (Eye glow and lighting)

Don't Be Afraid, I've Got You by Madame-Finitevus1890 (Background and foreground lighting)

And now for the subject of Payment and Legalese.


For monetary payments(meaning payment by currency, not DA points) I only accept Paypal at this time, sorry.

Getting a Paypal account is easy and free, you will not get charged for depositing and sending money through Paypal, and it’s much more secure than sending cash or cheques through the mail, I know some of you who look at my artwork out there are minors (Younger than 18-21 years of age) and that may mean you have to speak to your parents(I don’t know all the rules about this, I never tried to do things like this until after I became a legal adult, so I was in the clear), and I’m sorry for that, but it really is much safer for myself, and more importantly, for you.

DA points

I’m well aware that there’s a new-ish currency system in place called “DA Points” I have chosen to accept this as a form of payment, but Only for the small jobs like adding special effects into pictures given that people don’t seem willing to front more than 50 points per job (which amounts to about 50 cents), now if you do want a full on commission for points, I am willing to discuss the possibility, but I do want to be paid fairly for my work.

Stuff I will do

Character drawings

Fanfic scenes

Romantic scenes (like two characters hugging each other, fully clothed if you please, though I can do them nude depending on context, but NO MINORS, I don't mind drawing one of them handing a flower to another, but I will NOT draw a pair of 8 or 9 year old kids getting it on T__T

I am also okay with drawing two people of the same sex sharing a romantic scene

Stuff I will NOT do

Porn-This is pretty self explanatory, but the dictionary definition of Porn is "the depiction of Sexually explicit imagery especially for the sole purpose of sexually exciting the viewer" (Edit: Since that time, I've softened my stance on that, but it's not at the top of the list of things I'd do, and if it gets too disgusting, I won't draw it, sorry)

Now that doesn't mean every person here should feel ashamed if they think someone looks attractive in a bedlah or something, or thinking that two people embracing and kissing each other is sweet (or even a little suggestive) because that's not porn, but showing two people getting hardcore for no reason at all is, that's my understanding anyway.

Besides, distributing porn isn't exactly legal, I don't want anyone (including me) getting in trouble. Because it will happen if someone breaks the law in that department.

Fetish art

(and by that I mean artwork drawn SOLELY for fetish purposes, I realize almost anything (like a character drawing or Fanfic scene) can be interpreted as Fetish unintentionally, but I won't draw things like someone being inflated or having their feet tickled or something like that just for someone to get off on it, I'm sorry, but it's just not my thing.

I don't hate Fetish art, in fact, some things I draw can be considered fetish, but there are things I'm just not into, and I wouldn't be the right person to ask in drawing those.

Though depending, I'm willing to consider it. At the very least, I'll exercise tact and professionalism when approached with those requests.

Gratuitous violence:

I know I've drawn things that can be considered violent(one picture has a person getting sliced in half >.>), so this is pretty much at the bottom of the list of what I will NOT draw, meaning that out of all the things on the 'forbidden' list, this is when I'm most likely to say "Hmmmm...Okay, I'll do it this time" so don't be afraid to ask about this, but whenever I can, I do want to avoid drawing people on fire or getting their heads chopped off, so if I draw this, there won't be a lot of detail going into the impact it has on a person's body (like if I draw someone getting decapitated, I won't draw their veins showing or something, I just might show the action itself), I'd rather leave that to the imagination, thank you >_>

Legal stuff

Okay, based on research I've conducted throughout DA and checking the copyright act, etc. this is the legal rules I came up with.

Things you can do with commissioned works:

-Use them in character profiles or website IDs

-Print them off and hang them on your bedroom wall

-Use them to show people what your characters look like

Things you CANNOT do:

-Sell them.

-Put them up on DA (or Any other art site) and say you drew them yourself.

Now I might change these rules over time, but right now, this is where I stand.

Thank you ^^



Journal Entry: Wed May 30, 2018, 3:06 PM

June 12th

..It's confirmed, I do have a cataract..a progressed stage she the point that it's causing astigmatism of the lens...Other eye is also getting the beginnings of a cataract...

But..there's some good news I optic nerve's fine, she checked my eye pressure and I overheard what number it was, I asked if that was good or bad says it was "excellent" (checked the number online, and yeah, it does say it's "average")

So, she says, the cataract is the main cause of my eyesight problem...

I think she said it was subcapsular...but I don't totally remember..6.6

She's sending the findings back to the othomologist who referred me...he's a cataract expert she says...

So it does look like quite strongly I'll have to go get surgery for this...

I guess the slightly comforting thing is that out of all the things out there that need surgery to be fixed, this is the most common...

I'm relieved that it's nothing more than cataracts I guess...though I'm also ashamed that I got them...I did hear stories about kids getting cataracts, so maybe, just maybe it's not super rare...

It felt weird to have my eyes frozen

They did ask who my family doctor was, I told them I probably don't have one officially, but I do have a primary care doctor..they said that was fine...I'm trying to remind myself that it's a standard question...I just hope this diagnosis doesn't cause me more anguish and that things will settle down from here...

anyway, my pupils are still dilated, so I better stop typing, I tried drafting something earlier, but it was riddled with typos because I couldn't see my cell phone's screen very well due to the eye drops.

June 11th...'s going to happen tomorrow...I think I can safely say that I'm pretty scared about this...sure, friends have told me things that maybe slightly encouraged me...but it's still scary...

I don't know what direction things are going to go in...

And I was the appointment got closer I found my good mood being brought down again and me becoming anxious or just..well..not feeling like anything >.>...could also be hormones, but still...

The signage on the place did say it was an eye surgeon...a friend tells me it'll just be a short surgery...

but I still remember being told that I'm going to a Neuro Othomologist...I would've thought I wouldn't misunderstand something like that...I hope I won't have to explain everything all over again and that either the reports from the Othomologist will do it or the tests they give me...

...Like before...I hope things won't turn out as bad as they seem....6.6

June 1st

So...i went to the first appointment...all they did was a peripheral vision test...the eye doctor wasn't there because she was performing surgery at the children's hospital...i even heard shewas heavily booked until real eye exam is on the 12th...andI don't know if it'll lead to more exams or what...

....i wish i knew how this would play out...

Update 2:

...I...Made a vow that from now on I'd be more honest toward people over how I felt...I don't think it's fair to say I feel one way when in actual fact I feel the opposite...some made it a point of making me realize that...I guess I did it because I didn't want to jinx it and I didn't want people going on a "yo yo" ride like I have...still...It's no excuse and I am sorry for not acknowledging the times I have felt better...6.6

...I do feel more settled down and better compared to this morning in a few significant ways...but can't feel entirely optimistic about it lasting or things staying this way without further setbacks...not until things are sorted out...

...Hoping that nothing will happen to send me south again >.>

Update, May 31st:

..In light of finding out that a clinic close in proximity to my workplace administered the same tests the primary care did...I decided to get them done today...

The first one, the clinical exam, she said everything was normal...but I have to wait a month for the other one...when I answered her questions, I asked if I were a person who had to get that kind of test, and she went "Yes and No" but...she also said not to stress about it and chances are things will be okay....

....I get that my list of reasons to get it are on the flimsy side, but...I really hope things will be okay...

Original Post, May 30: come before you all with news...

...I happened to talk to my younger sister today...and...Dad was brought up in our conversation...

I learned just today that my dad has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer...

What stage it's at, I don't dad probably doesn't know either, he only found out about this two days ago...all I know is his treatment options are going to be discussed next week..

I can't begin to imagine what direction this puts things in...not only do I have to think about my dad's well being, but I have to think about estate finances too...I was hoping not to talk about this in public, but..from what I heard from my younger brother, the news..isn't as great as it could be...our family estate is, in fact, in the red...I don't know how my dad and two sisters are handling this...their speaking terms are also less than amicable...especially where my Stepmother's concerned...

This also got me to thinking about forms of cancer that affect women...I haven't noticed anything really really really weird, but...what's happening with my dad is making me think that maybe I should get more clinical assessments done...whether my suspicions that I have anything like that are strong or just so happens that a walk in I've gone to quite routinely does have a women's health clinic...I booked myself an appointment for next Tuesday morning...I wish this were something I had figured out a long time ago, but...I don't...

I can only hope that this won't lead to more anguish....

Everyone...I'm so truly sorry for putting yet another thing onto the pile....


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